Yemen’s Burnt Granary

A war such as in Yemen, senseless and cynical, leaves behind so many scars.  Beyond the loss of those who die in air strikes and fights, it is those that go hungry and are exposed to diseases that were thought to be long under control.

The Tihama region in Yemen, the one time bread basket of the country, is now an area where: 

  • 43% of people go hungry every night
  • coping means: less food (89%) and of lower quality (72%); no education for children (61%); exhausting all one’s savings and stocks (50%);
  • land under cultivation has decreased with 51%
  • crop yield per hectares have reduced with 20-61%
  • the production of fruits and vegetables has been wiped out as is the livestock population.

Two notes have been published respectively on the farmers and consumer perspective on food insecurity in the Tihama. The main message is to consider restoring the capacity of the Tihama to provide for itself and partly for the rest of the country by:

  • stimulating farming and the lease of unused land
  • restoring the wilfully damage infrastructure and moving stock to maintain the flood based irrigation systems of the wadi’s in the Tihama
  • reinvest in the supply of farm inputs and affordable energy to access shallow groundwater in a sustainable way
  • remove the constraints to marketing – the strikes, mines, clashes, but also sand dunes encroaching roads and unaffordable transport.

Please share these notes – let this war not be forgotten and peace and decent living be restored to the people of Yemen.