New water rights for basin management and inclusivity in spate irrigated areas of Pakistan

The New water rights for basin management and inclusivity in spate irrigated areas of Pakistan (NeWarBi) project aims to optimize the current spate systems by revising the water distribution rules in those dry river systems that have benefited from technical interventions in the headworks. It is envisioned that the systems are brought up to date after changes made to main headworks and resource use, thereby optimizing their overall productivity and promoting their inclusivity, especially for the weakest downstream users. In addition, a whole range of improvements – related to crop agronomy, livestock keeping, small mechanization and water storage, based on proven experiences elsewhere in similar water systems (as documented by the Flood Based Livelihoods Network) is being introduced through farmer groups.

The project is jointly implemented by SPO (Strengthening Participatory Organisation), RDF (Research Development Foundation), SIDA (Sindh Irrigation and Drainage Authority), Government of Balochistan, Irrigation and Power Department and MetaMeta and funded through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In this project, we collaborate with the Sustainable Water Fund (FDW) a programme from the Netherlands Enterprise Agency. The Netherlands Enterprise Agency uses the Sustainable Water Fund to stimulate public-private collaboration in the water sector on behalf of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The project is set-up around three themes:

  1. Improved and equitable utilisation of productive floodwater
  2. New livelihood opportunities through improved land and water management practices
  3. Outscaling and dissemination of recalibrated water distribution rules and livelihood opportunities

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