Equipment for Women and Men

All over the world rural women and men have limited accesss to basic equipment. Often it is simply not there. Yet simple innovations in basic improvement equipment life would be much easier. For instance in Tihama in Yemen it is really difficult to find an electric milk churner and it would make their life a lot easier, as doing this by hand takes ages. At the same time in Pakistan the milk churners are found in every shop.

We would like to find out which equipment women need. And which equipment women are using in your part of the country and make sure these electric and mechanical innovations travel from one place to another. Examples might be a small electric grain milling machine or mini oil mill.

The next step will be to find out if the equipment will be useful for women and men in other countries, test it and export it.

We already have some suggestions: Catalogue Smart Agricultural Tools

Practical Note: Reducing Women’s Work Load by Electric Milk Churners

Report: SMART technologies for improved livelihoods and environmental management

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