Spate news January 2013

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The Ethiopian Spate Irrigation Network teamed up with GiZ Germany and conducted extensive field visit to all corners of the vast arid Lowlands of Ethiopia.  The aim was a reconnaissance of opportunities for investment and development. Many bright spots were identified – leading to a comprehensive document: Flood based farming systems in

Ethiopia: Status and Opportunities for development . This document will be available at the website in February, 2013

The Sudan Spate irrigation network together with the Hydraulic research Centre, Ministry of Water Resources and Electricity, Sudan and IMAWESA, brought together 80 farmers and WUAs leaders from Ethiopia, Sudan and Yemen. They interacted for four days in Kassala, Sudan and agreed on several recommendations for more effective and viable contribution of WUAs towards better management of spate irrigation systems. The photo album and workshop documents are being finalized and will be uploaded in the website next month.


Overview papers on the status and potential of irrigation for both Myanmar and Afghanistan is under preparation. It puts spate irrigation on the map in both countries.


A package with more than 15 top lectures on spate irrigation is being developed with support of UNW-DPC. Please register now if you are interested to receive a package and if possible describe how you intend to support the mainstreaming of spate irrigation in education.

Please send an email to when you want a copy of this package, and mention the address where to send it to.


To support the development of productive agriculture the Spate Irrigation Network and Practica Foundation are developing a special program for shallow tubewell development in flood plains – that are high potential but also part of the year inundated – requiring some modifications. This program has been introduced in Ethiopia and will then roll out to Ghana, Mozambique and Zambia


The Water Sector Task Force of the Friend of Pakistan developed a plan for prioritized water investment: this includes a proposal to support spate irrigation at a cost of USD 300 Million.  The Pakistan Chapter has developed proposals for the replenishment of the bulldozer stock and also the development of new command areas.


Also watch A catalogue of spate related videos is being developed. Please submit your material if you have something valuable. You can submit it by sending an email to


The new short course “Spate Irrigation and Water Management under Drought and Water Scarcity” is being planned in September 2013. This year with a large section of flood water spreading, using the experiences from West Africa. Application for the course needs to be done at Unesco IHE before August 9, 2013. But when you want to  apply for a scholarship at Nuffic, please do so before February 5, 2013.

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