Spate Irrigation Network

The Spate Irrigation Network aims to improve the livelihoods of those living in the spate irrigated areas. It exchanges experiences and good practices, initiates and supports new programs and policies, and mainstreams education and training.
The network consists of professionals, practitioners and farmers. At present the network has more than 400 members. It is being run with a small part time international secretariat (at MetaMeta and UNESCO-IHE) whereas in four countries national chapters are being set up: in Yemen, Pakistan, Sudan and Ethiopia, though activities are not confined to these countries.

The Spate Irrigation Network is currently supported by IFAD, World Bank/EKN, UNW-DPC, UNESCO-IHE/DUPC and FAO. To join the Spate Irrigation Network, which is free of charge, subscribe here! Read more in the brochure or contact us for more information.


  • Familiarize policy makers, implementing agencies (NGOs, government departments, safety net programs), research agencies and funding agencies with development scope, experiences and practical approaches to spate irrigation development
  • Document good practices and initiate practical research in spate irrigation
  • Disseminate experiences between countries


  • Undertake pilot activities
  • Develop programs with implementing organizations
  • Preparation and dissemination of guidelines and practical notes
  • Mainstream spate irrigation in higher education
  • Organize trainings
  • Documentation and support student research
  • Support implementation programs
  • Open access information as open access and maintain website


The Spate Irrigation Network Foundation, registered in the Netherlands (KvK 61267279)
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