Training Material

A large variety of training modules on spate irrigation have been prepared. You are welcome to download and use the modules. For more information, please send a message to: info(at)

You can find training modules for Ethiopia, Pakistan and Yemen in the subpages. In general those modules consist of the following chapters:

1. Introduction
2. Institutions and Water Rights
3. Participatory Processes
4. Water an Soil Management
5. Agronomy
6. Engineering

Besides the training modules for Ethiopia, Pakistan and Yemen there are also other training modules:

Trees for Livelihoods: Agroforestry

Engineering Course

  1. Overview
  2. Bank Protection and Wadi Training
  3. Intakes and Diversions
  4. Case Study Gash Sudan
  5. Case Study Sheeb Eritrea

Short Design Course

  1. Understanding Wadis
  2. Diversion Structures part 1Diversion Structures part 2
  3. Channels and Protection Works

Sediment Transport Course

  1. Overview
  2. Wadi Morphology
  3. Sediment Management Structures
  4. Sediment Management Options and Exercise