Internship course, 2017

A group of young professionals working on strengthening flood-based livelihoods systems from across the world came together in Wageningen in April-May, 2017. They spent two months exchanging experiences, learning from each other, and strengthening their capacities (both personal and professional skills) with support from the Flood Based Livelihoods Network. The course was combined with a 2 weak leadership course to create a strong network with shared vision and work together with country coordinators on the country chapter plans. Interactive trainings and masterclasses were given on o.a. FBLS, personal development, time management, Camtasia, giving feedback, water productivity, SMART rural technologies, blog/power writing, using drones, research methods, infographics, strengthening farmer networks, horizontal learning, communication skills, business model canvas, inclusiveness, proposal writing and budget preparation. With the following main outputs: Presentation + Camtasia recording FBLN country chapter, communication and farmer network plan, outline guidelines, research proposals, business model canvas and infographic. On TheWaterChannel, a dossier on livelihoods from floods brings together some of their stories, perspectives, and reflections. Together, they form a snapshot of the current status and future prospects of flood-based livelihoods globally.

The internship course is part of a 2-year programme nurturing young talent to become future leaders in FBLS. They work with the FBLN partner in the respective country assisting in implementation of project activities.

On this page, the presentations of each week can be found.

Week 1: Week 2:
Objective and Overview Internship Programme     
FBLS Introduction
Future vision FBLN network
FBLN Water Productivity
MasterClass SmartWaterAgriculture
Personal development
Time management
MetaMeta sheets 1-5
Soil moisture management
BFS Bangladesh presentation 
Flood Based Farming Experience from Mali     
Presentation Creation Infographics
Presentation on Videos
FBFS Africa
Improvements in FBFS
Week 3: Week 4:
Roads for Water
Introducing interpersonal skills
Motivation vs Inspiration
Norms and values 
FBLN Water rights
Distribution and water conflicts 
FBLS Field Water Management
Preparing a Pitch
Masterclass GEP and drone 
Research Methods 
Well being method for social survey
SMART Centre approach
SMART Techs  
Week 5: Week 6 and 7:
Proposal Writing
 See Leadership course 2017
Week 8:  
see dossier videos on TWC