Newsflash September 2020

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Welcome to the September 2020 Newsflash of the Flood-based Livelihoods Network. The year so far has been a year with a lot of challenges and unexpected events impacting the societies we live in. It has also been a year with flooding in some areas and an increase in the effects of locust swarms. As Network we have published a range of blogs and resources which we will also share as part of this newsflash. Lastly there are some upcoming events we want to bring under your attention.

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Topics in this newsflash

  • Outcomes from the Locust conference
  • Delineation of Flood-based Irrigation Potential
  • Documentary on Balochistan, Pakistan, at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)
  • Upcoming Webinars on TheWaterChannel
  • Blogs on
  • DREAM2 conference, Ethiopia
  • Updates on the Newarbi project in Pakistan
  • New resources on the FBLN website

Outcomes from the Locust Conference

Locust outbreaks in 2019-20 in East Africa and West Asia have been the worst in decades. They have already wiped out massive amounts of crops, vast swathes of pasture. The sheer size of swarms and the sheer amount of food they devour within a matter of hours is triggering hunger crises—from Kenya and Ethiopia to Pakistan and India, and even Argentina most recently. In East Africa alone, 19 million are at risk of a much bigger crisis if the infestation continues unabated.

On August 10th, TheWaterChannel and the FBLN hosted the 1st Virtual Practitioners Conference on Desert Locust Management. The day-long conference brought together professionals working at the frontline of the locust crisis across the world. They presented and discussed the nature of the problem as experienced at global and local levels, and the solutions most likely to contain the ongoing outbreaks and control future crises.

All the recordings of this interesting and important event are available on the new TheWaterChannel-website, through

Delineation of Flood-based Irrigation Potential using Remote Sensing

Use of Remote Sensing technology has enormous potential for the analysis of the effect of measures on crop growth, biomass production and evaporation. Recently the technology has been used to delineate the area impacted by the construction of Water Spreading Weirs (WSW), in Afar Ethiopia. Through a sequence of steps the area is defined and then used as input for WaPOR data.
A presentation explaining the steps taken is available on the FBLN website.

Documentary on Balochistan, Pakistan, at the 2020 International Documentary FIlm Festival Amsterdam (IDFA)

During this year’s International Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam (IDFA) a 2011 documentary from Balochistan will be aired. The documentary uses the viewpoint of a dromedary to provide a beautiful insight in the life in these areas.
The documentary is available for free through the website of the IDFA. See

Upcoming Webinars on TheWaterChannel

In the months September – November TheWaterChannel will be hosting a series under the title: ICOMOS Webinar Series: Cultural heritage solutions for water challenges.

The overall aim of the webinar series is to inform water professionals and heritage experts about the Water and Heritage initiative and its activities that aim at recognition by water managers that water related heritage can contribute significantly toward water challenges. The specific objective of the webinars is to encourage national working groups to be initiated with the longer-term objective to mobilize support to have Water and Heritage discussed at the UN International Water conference to be held in New York in 2023.

  • Webinar 1: Water & Heritage- Explained, September 16th
  • Webinar 2: Cooperation between the Water and Cultural Heritage sectors
  • Webinar 3: Telling examples and assessment methodologies

For more information, please visit: and register to participate for free.

New blogs on TheWaterChannel

New pictures on FBLN website

The FBLN website ( has an extensive photo library. In this section of the website, a range of photos from different FBLN aspects can be accessed. Categories include engineering, flood water & satellite images. Currently, the photo library is being updated with photos from the whole network.

If you have any FBLN-related photos to share, please share them through Thanks in advance!

Updates on DREAM2 Conference, Ethiopia

The Flood-based Livelihoods Network is involved in the organisation of the series of conferences on enhancing drought resilience and boosting overall development in the lowlands of Ethiopia, which have been branded as DREAM conferences (Development of Resilience Empowering Alternative Measures in Arid and Semi-Arid Lowlands of Ethiopia). A new website has recently been launched to bring together both the lessons of the past conferences as well as the information on the upcoming conferences,

Updates on the Newarbi project in Pakistan

As part of the New water rights for basin management and inclusivity in spate irrigated areas of Pakistan-project a series of resources has been published including a photobook, an overview paper on the Nai Gaj spate-system and a brochure on livelihood opportunities, which has been presented in a previous newsflash. The resources are available for download through the project-website:

New resources on the FBLN-website

Other resources

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