Newsflash December 2017

Dear all,
As we enter in the new year, we hope that it will be a year of reason and compassion. Without we cannot expect any blessing.
The last year in many areas was ‘anything but’. The most tragic and emblematic thing is the war in Yemen. No one understands why – what motivation, what interest, what solution. It is a horrible war game with many innocent casualties due to malnutrition and cholera – all at the costs of the vulnerable and all preventable. 
Here we present a report on the Tihama in Yemen – once the bread basket of the country based on the management of flood water but now an area of hunger, lost income and lost production. We hope that this report helps us to understand how to come out of its worst crisis and how the area can spring back to life. Click here to read the report “The War Impact on Food Security in the Tihama Region. Case Study: Wadi Zabid and Wadi Siham”. We will soon share some more briefs.
We hope that at the start of 2018 you can all spare a thought for our brothers and sisters in Yemen and reserve some of your good wishes for them.
The Flood Based Livelihoods Team