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  • Akvopedia Wiki on Rainwater Harvesting
  • Managing ecology of ephemeral streams in Australia See Australia Land and Water
  • Diseases in pearl millet – overview by University of Georgia
  • INNOWAT (innovation in water management) papers issued by IFAD – including one on spate irrigation
  • Spate irrigation in Mexico – with pre-Hispanic origins, called cajas de agua
  • Information on wild melons
  • Data base on plant resources of tropical africa (PROTA): very useful description of plant species and their uses
  • SHARC: Sediment Hydraulic Analysis for Rehabilitation of Canals allows design engineers to identify sediment problems in irrigation canals and evaluate different solutions
  • Pastoral and Environmental Network for the Horn of Africa
  • Website of Timbaktu – organization devoted to promote dry land crops such as various types of millets and sorghums
  • Website of Garden Organic/ HRDA with much useful publications on management of mesquite and also of other tree crops
  • Laboratoire d’étude des Interactions Sol – Agrosystème – Hydrosytème
  • Publications on several subjects related to spate irrigation
  • Centre for Information on Low External Input and Sustainable Agriculture
  • Partnership for Agricultural Water for Africa
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