Spate News April 14, 2014

Prosopis Juliflora

With this news flash we want to draw your attention to important challenges related to Prosopis Juliflora or Mesquite, also called the ‘Green Scourge’ or the “Devil Tree”. Prosopis Juliflorea has been introduced in many parts of the world for sand dune stablization but has gone far beyond it -and has occupied vast areas and invaded many spate areas- in the process interfering with the ephemeral rivers and the canals.

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Spate News January 2014

Dear Spate members,

First of all, we would wish you a very happy 2014 and we hope that it will be a good year for you!

We have a couple of things we would like to inform you about:

At this moment three universities in Pakistan are working on mainstreaming spate irrigation in their regular courses: Arid Zone University Rawalpindi, Gomal Zam University and Agricultural College DG Khan.

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Spate News April 2013

Dear Spate Friends

We hope all of you are doing fine. In the past months we have been undertaking a large number of activities to promote good practices in spate irrigation. In this case the ‘we’ is very much the Spate Irrigation Network with several fantastic partner organizations. Here is an update. Please contact us (by email: with suggestions, requests for information, ideas for initiatives, material to be placed on the website or else.

Abraham, Frank and Linda

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Spate news January 2013

Dear all,

We hope you are doing fine!
We have lots of things to inform you about.

The Ethiopian Spate Irrigation Network teamed up with GiZ Germany and conducted extensive field visit to all corners of the vast arid Lowlands of Ethiopia.  The aim was a reconnaissance of opportunities for investment and development. Many bright spots were identified – leading to a comprehensive document: Flood based farming systems in

Ethiopia: Status and Opportunities for development . This document will be available at the website in February, 2013

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Spate News May 2012

Dear Spate members,

We hope all is fine. Would like to update on some recent activities in the network..

First we are developing a series of video lectures on different aspects of spate – you will find the first three of these on the website – we are hoping that these will contribute to mainstreaming spate irrigation in education. Please have a look at the opening menu of the website.

Secondly the FAO Regional Office organized a meeting on spate irrigation in Agadir last year. This yielded very useful insights and updates on the state of spate in Morocco, Algeria, Tunesia and Mauretania. We invite you to have a look at the library section. 
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