Newsflash November 2016

The Spate Irrigation Network changes name

During a recent meeting in October, the board of the SpN Foundation decided to change the name from Spate Irrigation Network, into Flood-Based Livelihoods Network (FBLN). This new name reflects the recent direction taken by the Foundation to strengthen livelihood benefits of not just spate irrigation, but of other major flood-based livelihood systems as well, including flood rise and flood recession, flood inundation, flood spreading weirs and water harvesting from roads.
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Newsletter 12/09/2016

Dear all,

First of all we want to wish you Happy Eid!

Webinar “Water Rights and Water Conflicts”

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Newsletter July 19, 2016

Dear all,
Hope things are fine with you!
We are happy to have a couple things to share with you – all turning floods into assets, as is our motto….

Facebook Page  of Spate Irrigation Network!

To get more attention for flood based farming systems the Spate Irrigation Network Foundation is available on facebook! Click here to check the account. Like the account to spread it more and more…
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Newsletter June 28, 2016

Dear Spate Friends,

We hope all is fine wherever you are.
We have a couple of things we would like to inform you about:

  • IFAD Knowledge-sharing event in Rome, Italy
  • Floating rice-based systems in the Mekong River Delta, Vietnam
  • Milk Churner Demonstration in Western Kenya
  • Spate Irrigation in Somaliland
  • Exposure Visit of Agri-Engineering Students and Teachers to Spate Areas of Sindh, Pakistan
  • World Water Day 2016 Celebrated at Sindh Agriculture University and in villages of Jamshoro, Pakistan
  • Videos spate irrigation Balochistan, Pakistan
  • Reconnaissance Research Codifying Water Rights in Contested Basins of Afghanistan project
  • Memorandum of Understanding with Dire Dawa Water Resource Bureau, Ethiopia
  • Progress Harnessing Floods to Enhance Livelihoods and Ecosystem Services, Sudan and Ethiopia
  • ICRAF Annual Leadership Course in Flood-based Farming and Water Harvesting, Kenya and Tanzania
  • IFAD Annual Meeting, Germany.

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Newsletter March 7, 2016

Dear Spate friends,

We have a couple of things we would like to inform you about!

1. New country networks
First of all we are excited that we are starting with country networks in five more countries: Afghanistan, Kenya, Malawi, Myanmar and Somalia. In the ongoing Leadership Course plans have been made on starting in these new countries and host organizations have been identified.
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