Newsflash January 2018

Vote for Roads for Water!  – Resilience Award 2017

By controlling runoff speed, mitigating destructive flood runoff and influencing sedimentation processes, roads are used to manage water catchments. In floodplains, roads play a role in flood protection and increasing shallow groundwater tables. Both increase the resilience of rural communities that live in flood-prone areas. Because of its efforts to create resilience dividends with road water management, MetaMeta is now a nominated finalist for the Zilient 2017 Resilience Award. Please vote on our project here (before midnight January 16th) and help us put road water management on the map!

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Newsflash December 2017

Dear all,
As we enter in the new year, we hope that it will be a year of reason and compassion. Without we cannot expect any blessing.
The last year in many areas was ‘anything but’. The most tragic and emblematic thing is the war in Yemen. No one understands why – what motivation, what interest, what solution. It is a horrible war game with many innocent casualties due to malnutrition and cholera – all at the costs of the vulnerable and all preventable. 
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Newsflash November 2017

Flood-based farming documentary from Sudan

Most of our readers have heard about the Gash Agricultural Scheme before. Did you know however that many more flood-based farming schemes can be found in Sudan? The FBLN chapter in this country has recently completed a comprehensive short documentary about the diversity of flood schemes in different corners of the country.

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Newsflash October 2017

They seem cute and funny, right?  Maybe in the cartoons, but not when it comes to food production and storage.
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Newsflash September 2017

National workshop organised by FBLN Malawi
Last Friday September 1st, the FBLN Malawi chapter has organised a national workshop on rainwater harvesting and flood-based farming, in the capital Lilongwe. Being the first of its kind in the country, the meeting served as a platform to raise awareness on flood-based farming and its potential to boost income, food security and climate change mitigation through the introduction of best practices. The meeting follows the recently concluded field review of flood-based farming experiences in Malawi. The key findings from this review were presented during the workshop to get input from key stakeholders for the final report.

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