News flash July 2018

News flash June 2018

FBLN present at CBA Malawi

The Rainwater Harvesting Association of Malawi (RHAM), host of the Flood Based Livelihood Network (FBLN)- Malawi Chapter was honoured to have a market place pitch at the Community Based Adaptation Conference No 12 (CBA 12) in Lilongwe Malawi this month. The FBLN was represented by Macpherson Nthara, who is the Chairman of RHAM and Coordinator of the FBLN-Malawi.
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Newsflash April 2018


Reaching the Millions

A deal for all stakeholders in global challenges: investing in the capture of rainfall at scale by:

  • The collection of runoff and floodwaters,
  • The retention and storage of this water,
  • Its use when required.

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Newsflash March 2017

Overcoming dry spells with FBFS

In Malawi, there has been a 4-week dry spell in January which damaged and affected the growth of many crops in the country. Two years ago, several in-situ water harvesting technologies (e.g. conservation agriculture, manure application, water absorption trenches, pit planting and road run-off storage techniques) have been introduced to farmers in Mitundu. What is a better time to assess the effect of these techniques than at the end of a dry spell?
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Yemen’s Burnt Granary

A war such as in Yemen, senseless and cynical, leaves behind so many scars.  Beyond the loss of those who die in air strikes and fights, it is those that go hungry and are exposed to diseases that were thought to be long under control.

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