Newsflash October 2018

Youth empowerment in spate areas of Sindh
MetaMeta and a national NGO of Pakistan Research and Development Foundation (RDF) linked an MOU to promote youth empowerment in spate areas of Sindh, particularly the Jamshoro district Pakistan.

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Newsflash September 2018

Short course road water harvesting

The Water and Environment Centre (WEC) in Yemen designed a short course on road water harvesting, explaining what techniques can be of great use to facilitate beneficial water management. In this short course, different methods of retaining and recharging water from roads, making use of on-going investment in roads development and rehabilitation to secure local water resources is explained deeply.
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Newsflash August 2018

Sorghum and pearl millet in spate irrigation

Sorghum and pearl millet are relatively forgotten miracle crops that need more attention. They are superpower crops with a lot of potential, especially in spate irrigated areas. On the 31st of July and 1st of August 2018, ICRISAT and the FBLNF organized a stakeholder workshop in Nairobi supported by NWO. The workshop was about enhancing sorghum and pearl millet through improved seed delivery systems in spate irrigated areas of Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya.
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News flash July 2018

News flash June 2018

FBLN present at CBA Malawi

The Rainwater Harvesting Association of Malawi (RHAM), host of the Flood Based Livelihood Network (FBLN)- Malawi Chapter was honoured to have a market place pitch at the Community Based Adaptation Conference No 12 (CBA 12) in Lilongwe Malawi this month. The FBLN was represented by Macpherson Nthara, who is the Chairman of RHAM and Coordinator of the FBLN-Malawi.
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