Newsflash February 2019

Flood-based rice farming in Ahero

In Ahero (Kenya) over 1000 farmers practice flood-based rice farming and are fully dependent on floodwater. This video gives an overview of their practices and innovations.

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Newsflash January 2019

Happy new year
The FBLN team wishes all our members a fruitful 2019 where together we can continue investing in floods and improve FBLS all over the world! 2018 was a year with many highlights, here a short overview of some of the main outputs we achieved together with our partners this year:

  • Hundreds of farmers enhanced their know-how on, among others, good floodwater management practices and techniques, by actively participating in knowledge exchange events, targeted trainings and solutions-oriented research activities across Sudan, Kenya, Malawi and Pakistan. 
  • Eleven young professionals have been supported to advance their knowledge and skills on varied FBLS relevant thematic areas through engagement in solutions-oriented research (at BSc, MSc and PhD levels), designed to generate useful practical knowledge that contributes to the well-being of society.

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Appeal Yemen Peace Talks

Dear FBLN members,
This is a special mailing with an appeal to the negotiators at the Yemen peace talks in Sweden. We would like to ask you to forward this appeal to as many people as possible. Thank you!
Appeal to the Negotiators at the Yemen Peace Talks in Sweden
This is to appeal to the wisdom of all those who travelled to Sweden for the Peace Talks for Yemen: those whom history has given the chance to speak and negotiate on behalf of others, and to those who mediate and facilitate.

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Newsflash November 2018

Postcard from Bahirdar

In the Gumera area of Ethiopia, Teff could not grow because of frequent flooding. However, rice can grow under these conditions. Read this new blog on TWC showing an example of successful adaptive agriculture in Bahirdar, Ethiopia.

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Newsflash October 2018

Youth empowerment in spate areas of Sindh
MetaMeta and a national NGO of Pakistan Research and Development Foundation (RDF) linked an MOU to promote youth empowerment in spate areas of Sindh, particularly the Jamshoro district Pakistan.

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