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  • The 8th annual training on integrated watershed management and flood-based farming systems by Mekelle University (Ethiopia) has scheduled for 11 – 22 November 2019.
    Check the brochure for more information and to register for this interesting course.

  • Read our September newsflash here with several updates from the Flood-based Livelyhoods Network, including new publications and an upcoming conference in Ethiopia.

  • We are announcing the DREAM ASAL Conference 2019:

    Development of Resilience Empowering Alternative Measures for Ethiopian Lowlands”.

    The conference, organized jointly by the Ethiopian Ministry of Agriculture and the Afar Bureau of Livestock, Agriculture and Natural resource Development  and the GIZ SDR Support Programme, will take stock of the most promising approaches in the arid and semi-arid lowlands of Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa.

    The conference will take place in Semera, Afar Region, Ethiopia, from 29 September – 3 October will focus on (1) The Challenge of invasive species: new ways of use or eradication, (2) Visiting field sites in Gulina and Yalo and (3) Stock Taking of Successful Approaches and Defining the Way Forward.

    For more info see the announcement and the conference website

“Floods are not always a hazard. They may also sustain aquatic life and riverine biodiversity, recharge aquifers, enrich soils and in some of the world’s poorest areas they are the main source of irrigation.”

Global Water Partnership (2000) ‘Toward water security: a framework for action’


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