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  • Read our September newsflash here with several updates from the Flood-based Livelyhoods Network, including new resources and updates from the chapters in Pakistan and Ethiopia as well as interesting blogs and videos.

  • As part of the current NeWarBi project in Pakistan, a photobook has been developed. The photobook gives some insight in the unique spate areas in Pakistan and the communities who depend on the spate systems for their livelihood.

    The photobook is available for download on the project page: http://spate-irrigation.org/special-projects/new-water-rights-for-basin-management-and-inclusivity-in-spate-irrigated-areas-of-pakistan/

  • The recordings of the 1st Virtual Practitioners Conference on Desert Locust Management, held on August 10th 2020, are now available through TheWaterChannel. The presentations are also available for download through the same page.

“Floods are not always a hazard. They may also sustain aquatic life and riverine biodiversity, recharge aquifers, enrich soils and in some of the world’s poorest areas they are the main source of irrigation.”

Global Water Partnership (2000) ‘Toward water security: a framework for action’


is a network of spate irrigation professionals and practitioners. The network stimulates the development of programmes of implementation that improve the livelihoods of those in spate irrigation areas, exchanges experiences and good practices, helps upgrade training, identify priority fields for improvement and research and development. Read more…